We work for the improvement of living conditions in the southern districts of Sofala Province, Mozambique

students in schools and literacy centers
annual consultations in the health centres
hectares available for agriculture and pasture
families supported with emergency distribution


Population supported in the districts of Búzi, Chibabava and Machanga


Years of activities

non profit africa student machanga

“Many children are forced to give up studying to work and to get married. Even me… if it wasn’t ESMABAMA’s school, I would be married too… even though I am a minor.”


Student in Machanga
high adherence to ARV

“We develop a family relationship with our patients. They trust us and this guarantees a greater success of the DREAM program [program to accompany chronic patients].”

José Zacarias

Mangunde Health centre Director
non profit africa agro association

“We have learned to produce larger quantities, in a smaller space, without using chemicals. Now we know how to preserve part of the production. We have learned a lot with ESMABAMA.

Rosa M.

Agrarian association "Dream of God"