Health success stories

We want to share with you some of our health success stories, our NGO success stories:

Alice A., 50, is one of the faces of activists collaborating with the health centre in Estaquinha and ESMABAMA, to mitigate cases of public health-threatening diseases in the surrounding rural communities, and raise health awareness in rural areas. After spending 4 days up in a tree with her family next to the floods that followed cyclone Idai, Alice remains committed to her mission as a health activist, covering several kilometers on foot or by bicycle to assist the populations.

Among the various activities, Alice and the other activists sensitize people to go to the health centre if they need treatment, having already saved lives and hope, and help the mobility-impaired to reach the health centres using their bicycles. In addition, the activists hold lectures on personal and collective hygiene, prevention of diseases such as malaria, acute diarrhea, COVID-19 and also on gender-based violence awareness. The activities of the activists have contributed to several health success stories, especially if we remember that we are talking about rural areas, of difficult access and where the population has few resources. Among these successes, we highlight the reduction in the number of cases of chronic diseases, especially HIV/AIDS, a low drop-out rate from antiretroviral drugs HIV treatment, a considerable decrease in vertical HIV transmission (mother-to-child) and a reduction in maternal and child deaths.

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Alice, health and awareness on Gender-Based Violence activist

Other healthcare success stories ESMABAMA is proud of

Quadruplets from Estaquinha

Estaquinha Health Centre successfully delivered 4 twins, 2 girls and 2 boys, in 2020. The health technicians and the mother were surprised that same day with the number of children born. This family already had 3 children and ESMABAMA, health activists, the government, Caritas Germany and other entities supported them with some goods and with the change of residence, closer to the health centre and the school, now attended by the 3 older children of the family. This is an example that shows the competence of the whole health team of Estaquinha, and the strength of the community, which came together to help this family.

The activists have many health success stories, their work makes a difference in the lives of the people they meet every day, having a huge impact:

  • A young man had already lost hope of recovering, and said he would rather die at home. However, the activist Augusto C. sensitized him to seek medical services. The young man received medical treatment, improved and is now in good health. He became a close friend of the activist Augusto.
  • Augusto J. sensitized an elderly man, who had been very ill for several months, to seek health care. The old man was having difficulty breathing and thought he had asthma. After going to the health centre, the old man was diagnosed with tuberculosis, took his medication and got better.

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