Emergency Aid

Emergencies in our area of operation are mostly caused by extreme weather phenomena (cyclones, floods, drought, among others).

Cyclones, drought and flooding

In 2019, the regions where we work were hit by tropical cyclone Idai, the strongest ever recorded in the southern hemisphere and on the African continent. The hours of torment and devastation caused will linger in the memory of those who experienced it. Idai was followed by further tropical storms and cyclones, such as tropical cyclone Chalane and Eloise.

In addition, increasingly recurrent droughts and floods have caused food insecurity and hunger.

Armed attacks and refugees

An emergency can also be man-made, an example being the armed attacks that occurred between 2019 and 2021 in central Mozambique. In the locality of Mutindiri, Chibabava district, we found refugee camps of 522 families who fled to protect their own lives.

Emergency aid and emergency distribution

Beyond immediate assistance with items essential for survival, the consequences for the emergency population last longer, for several years. ESMABAMA continues to support these vulnerable populations, who have lost everything, in our regions of operation, encouraging the economic independence of these vulnerable populations, and improved access to water sanitation and hygiene.

The main actions developed by ESMABAMA and emergency distribution in communities affected by emergencies include:

emergency aid emergency distribution
latrine slabs