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Our project work in education since the 90s has great education impact.

Education impact on poverty is undeniable in the districts of South Sofala. These are some goals achieved by ESMABAMA as an education non profit organization:

61 students in ESMABAMA schools with economic difficulties do not pay school fees (expenses are covered by ESMABAMA);

Around 80% of the teachers and other staff in the development centers have increased their schooling and knowledge through scholarships, provided by ESMABAMA, at the Catholic University of Mozambique (UCM). This is one of the education accomplishments that has contributed to the improvement of the quality of ESMABAMA's work. All the directors and pedagogues of the General Schools have benefited from scholarships from the ESMABAMA Association;

Note: Education Mozambique – ESMABAMA data referring to June 2022 on education achievements, regarding education for development.

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