Agriculture success stories

Successful stories about agriculture inspire us to improve our work. These are some of our agriculture success stories from our NGO success stories:

The Chiconjo farmers’ association is composed of 26 women and 4 men. It has benefited from training in agriculture, which has boosted its level of knowledge, improved farming practices and ensured the financial independence of its members. This is an example of how working according to the association model strengthens poor rural areas. In the different agro-livestock projects ESMABAMA strengthens more and more associations.

Working together in the association, the members see their lives improve as they produce more, sell the surplus and with this value they invest in the association, creating a cycle of wealth generation. In addition, the social impact is enormous: members help each other in situations of economic and family difficulties. Each member invests the earnings in their household expenses and in the education of their children, contributing to fewer school drop-outs. In addition, the members apply the knowledge acquired also in the family agricultural fields, where they have improved production and thus their diet.

agriculture success stories chiconjo farmers

Chiconjo farmers’ association, supported by ESMABAMA through the Project “Sustainable Rural Development in Sofala Province”, funded by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), HORIZONT3000 and Sei So Frei [photo 2022].

Other inspirational farming stories - agriculture success stories

Other farmers' associations successes

Some of ESMABAMA's current major concerns in the areas of agriculture and livestock involve practicing sustainable, environmentally friendly, efficient and resilient agriculture to meet the challenges of the effects of climate change in Mozambique, while ensuring that resources are regenerated and not depleted. An example of this is the RECOMOSA project, implemented in partnership with Caritas Austria and Jugend Eine Welt, and financed by the Austrian Development Agency. In this project, the associations “Sonho de Deus” (Dream of God) and Kwaedja have improved their technical skills in agriculture and completely organic production techniques in harmony with the environment. Rationalizing the space to produce more in a smaller space, the intercropping of crops, 100% organic fertilization and pesticides, the use of local seeds more resilient to drought, the processing of food for sale in order to prevent it from spoiling have been some of the acquired knowledge.

Manuel E. is a success farmer in Machanga

He produces cereals and vegetables all year round, despite the difficulties caused by the effects of climate change in Mozambique, he produces in a resilient way with improved farming success. Manuel studied at one of the schools of agriculture managed by ESMABAMA, in Machanga, where he acquired the basis of his knowledge. He continues to improve his knowledge with research and experiments in his production fields, knowledge that he shares with producers and associations in Machanga. This exchange of experiences between schools of agriculture, former students, farmers’ association and families allows for more efficient and higher quality production.

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